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So, it's obviously been far too long. Over the past six months, there's been a lot of turbulence and drama in my personal life that has kept me from being active. There are still things being cleaned up and worked through, but I'm really hoping to become somewhat active again, as I really want to pay attention to the sexual aspect of my life since it has been almost completely neglected.

As things are coming together, my drive is returning, and I've really been missing out! To get back into the swing of things, I ordered some goodies. Not that you can't have great sex without (new) toys, but yanno... ;)

For those who watch(ed) Scrubs, you might catch the reference. My partner and I are trying to plan a play day filled with nothing but sex and love making. We won't even escape the bedroom to eat, only to get the door when pizza arrives! Hopefully the new toys will arrive in time.

Anyway, I've got so much to catch up on: reading and writing reviews, blogs, forums, new toys, contests... I've changed my e-mail and tweaked my wishlist, but there's still much left to do. If there's anything particularly awesome that I've missed, please drop me a line! Happy Holidays and sexy adventures to everyone!


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