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In order to comply with the FTC's stance on blogging and testimonial advertising, please read the following disclosed information regarding the workings of this blog.

Purely Sullied is a personal blog written by Lithaewyn. I am sometimes sent products (sex toys, adult books, lingerie) in exchange for my honest review. My opinion is never influenced by any of these retailers or companies, or anyone else for that matter. I am not compensated for these reviews other than being allowed to keep the product.

Within my review posts I always link the retailer I received the product from, whether or not the review was sponsored. However, I will always mention within the review if the product was sponsored. Not all of my reviews are sponsored; I also review products that I paid retail price for.

I also affiliate with companies and receive a small percentage of commissions from any purchases using my affiliate codes. Many times these commissions are used to purchase more products to review or support this website.

Please send any questions to Lithaewyn here.

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