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Many people in the sex toy community like to keep their identities a secret. But there are others who are out in the open, and often times they have video reviews or post pictures of themselves publicly.

I wonder to myself, how did these people get to that point? How did they come to reach that level of comfort? Do they often worry about its impact on the relationships with their families, peers, and employers?

Honestly, a pseudonym can only go so far to hide identity. Even video posts that don't show the reviewer and just the toys could possibly be revealed by his or her voice. Heck, even some are found out when they have done an exceptional job of hiding behind a keyboard and not shared a darn thing other than words.

I do want to virtually high five those who are out in the open. It's very refreshing and more personable to see a face behind the words. Great job!

I would like to be one of those people. I don't want to hide, mostly because I think it shouldn't be necessary to hide oneself. Omg sex toys no wai~~~! What's the big deal? Why are people looked down upon for enjoying sex toys? This is my only fear: rejection.


Carrie Ann said...

I am exceptionally lucking in that my family is accepting, we've surrounded ourselves with friends who "get it" and I don't work outside of the house. (And even when I do, I'm a medical grunt so no one cares)

It didn't come over night, though. I've been blogging since '05 and only in the last year or two have I been so totally "out".

For the record, I don't mind the video reviews and pics that don't show faces. It's a good start and anyone likely to stumble upon the blog likely wouldn't say much even if they recognized a voice since... hell... they were looking for sex toys or sex blogs, right? :)

adriana said...

I think it's great when people can be so open but unless you work with sex or never plan to have a job, you better be careful. It can really fuck you up.

Also, the comments are better. Hehe

Lithaewyn said...

Yes, it's really a shame that it's like that. Still, the urge to make video reviews has won haha.

Glad this comment system is working better!

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