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TMI Tuesday

1. Have you ever participated in HNT? If so, when? If not, why not?
No. I don't feel comfortable sharing pictures of myself.

2. Have you ever avoided certain sites because of the HNT pictures that were posted?

3. Have you ever posted a HNT picture that you wish that you hadn't?

4. Do you email/text/call anyone regularly with someone you met through HNT?

5. What percentage of your online friends are current or former HNTers?
Not any yet. I'm still very new to this type of blogging!

6. Does anyone in your "real" life know that you do HNT (if, of course, you do)?

7. Other than previously-known friends, have you met any fellow HNTers?
Not that I know of.

8. Have you ever downloaded someone else's HNT pictures?
I've looked but not saved. I really like the artsy types!

BONUS QUESTION: Have you ever submitted a picture for "...the Other HNT"?
Nope. Probably never will!

TMI Tuesday


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