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Review: Captivity Cuffs

Captivity Cuffs are excellent for beginners, roleplaying, and a passionate or kinky escapade. They work for any type of scenario since the faux fur can easily be removed from the cuffs for a more serious naughty time. They have a very handy keyless release, so if you are new to bondage and leery towards lockable cuffs, don't fear. The keyless release is also great in case the keys are lost, which can easily happen given that these cuffs will last forever.

My partner and I purchased a pair of these half in jest and half in seriousness. These cuffs opened the door to light bondage for us, and they have seen many uses and are still in tip top shape after a couple years of use. Even with the faux fur they can hurt after prolonged use, but it totally depends on how they are being used and how tightly one applies them. They are completely functional as well, allowing the user the ability to restrain his or her partner anywhere imaginable. Even if a room has no place to hook these around, they still prove useful just as standard cuffs by strongly limiting the bound person's range of movement and allowing him or her to be controlled.

directionsJust as an important side note, on each cuff there is a small lever. When they are toward the chains, the keyless release may be used. When the lever is facing the wearer's wrists, the cuffs are completely locked and the keyless release will not work. So the users don't have to worry about them accidentally bumping open during use - which has never happened to us anyway.

The more experienced and serious users may want to look elsewhere since these cuffs aren't created to be compatible with bondage furniture, but they might work. If you are looking for police-type handcuffs in particular, these make a great choice because of the faux fur sleeves and nobody has to worry about lost keys.

If dirty, they can easily be cleaned with soap and water and the faux fur can be removed for washing. Do not place the faux fur in the dryer, because the fibers will melt together. Take good care of them and they should last a lifetime!

product picture
Handcuffs by Topco
Material: Metal / Fake fur


devifemme said...

I cannot believe nobody has read your helpful review and had the urge to comment until now. I have a little blog, and recently some of the readers and I were on the subject of girls' penchant for handcuffs. I'd always thought I was one of few women who had this fetish. A little research on Flickr turned up dozens of non-porno shots of girls in cuffs, and I just tried the word in Livejournal's search gizmo -- being handily referred to your lovely article. So I wrote it up in a posting. Come visit and see my tribute. Hugs, Justine

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