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TMI Tuesday

1. Have you ever bought a membership to a porn site? If yes, what is the most recent one and did you like it?
No. I'm not a big porn fanatic, and so I'd prefer not to pay the few times I do watch it!

2. Would you rather watch a erotic/porn movie, read a story, or listen to an audio? Why?
I'd rather read an erotic story. But I currently don't buy books because I'm a student (I'm usually a one time reader), and have a hard time finding great erotica online. So I often settle for porn...

3. If you have a significant other what do you do for each other to get in the mood? If you don't what would you kind of thing could a future potential long term partner do to get you in the mood?
Oh, lots of the typical foreplay. We tend to draw it out for a very long time, starting from fully clothed and probably in public to absolutely naked in private. A lot of it is sensual, or dirty talking, and probably oral before we do the do.

4. When it comes to sex, how much do you talk about it with others? How comfortable are you talking about sex?
I don't... currently. Other than with some people online. I'm definitely comfortable talking about safe sex and joking about sex in general, but I'm not really close enough to people to talk about it much.

5. What are the last 5 things you search for on Google (or another search engine)?
Boring things:

[insert my college's name] astronomy
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
서태지 -> Korean singer
System Jo -> yay lube!

I usually search "dirty" things in chunks... Obviously during my last 4/5 searches, I wasn't in that mindset.


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