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Review: Mia

Title: My Other Girlfriend

This is my first video review, so I apologize in advance for my nervousness, pauses, and the fact that a USB port is not the same as a USB plug. Oops! Hope it’s not too awful and thanks for watching!

One thing I forgot to say is that while she’s charging her light will pulse and when she’s completely charged she’ll emit a steady glow.

If you’d rather read:
Hey everybody, it’s Lithaewyn. Today I’m going to show you the LELO Mia, which is my favorite vibrator so far! When I first received her, I have to admit I was disappointed in her lack of raw power in comparison to standard vibrators, but all her other perks make up for it.

The number one reason why Mia is spectacular is because she is extremely quiet. When I first turned her on, I almost had to do a double-take to be sure she was working. Granted, most women probably won't use Mia on her lowest setting, but even her highest setting is comparable to low or medium on standard vibrators.

Supposedly it's common with LELO products, but she does emit a very high-pitched buzz similar to ringing in your ears. However, don’t be worried about being found out; I would have never associated such a sound with a sex toy.

The vibrations have four different pulsation types: steady vibration, roller-coaster, heartbeat, and fast heartbeat, and you simply hold down the plus button to switch between them. To turn it off, simply hold down the negative button.

She charges via USB port which is really cool. It's unfortunate that the cap doesn't screw on because sometimes it has the tendency to slowly slip off during use, but it's not much trouble. When she's charging, her LED light will fade in and out, and when she's completely charged, a steady glow will appear.

Cleaning: The most important note I need to pass on regarding Mia's safety is that Mia's worst enemy is water, so don't even risk taking her in the shower. It's best to even use toy wipes when cleaning her versus washing with a soapy wet cloth as well. So, water and Mia? Just don't do it.

Lubricants: Mia is mostly made of plastic, but has a stainless steel band as well as a silicone control pad. If you must use lubricant, only use water-based lubricants such as Pink Water or Maximus.

She comes with the standard LELO packaging - a decadent black box, a white satin pouch, a user manual which is very important to read, a one year warranty, and a USB extension cord for charging.

Experience: When I first tried the Mia, I was actually really disappointed. Her quietness and appearance were all wonderful, but her vibrations just didn’t cut it for me that day. But since I’ve had Mia for a little while now, she’s moved to the top of my toy box and I use her just as much, if not more, than my LELO Ella (my first "girlfriend"). Together they make an awesome duo. So have patience with the Mia if you know that you can get off on lower vibration settings because it won’t take long for her to impress you!

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by LELO
Material: Silicone / Plastic


sxychikadee said...

Good suggestion on turning the cap the other way during use.
I know I got so nervous talking during my first video that it is hindering me on finishing the 2nd!
One thing I'd like to see on a strictly vibe review where the vibe has different patterns is maybe seeing the vibe against a harder surface so that the patterns can be heard more through the video?

Really good job on this one. :)

Lithaewyn said...

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the feedback.

Next time I do a vibe review I will be sure to do that.

We can only get better with practice! So be sure to tweet about it when you publish it. I'd like to see.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lithaewyn,

That was an excellent description and assessment of the Mia! You did a great job of covering all the bases.

I am really thinking of getting this for my girlfriend as it seems most women would love this (except perhaps for the women who like stronger vibes). It is so portable and discreet.

You ladies have all these great toys - it is all rather overwhelming from a guy's point of view!

Thank you for the great review!

Lithaewyn said...

Thanks! If your girlfriend is in need of a discreet toy and doesn't need power, I encourage you to get the Mia. Mia is also great if you find batteries a nuisance and she keeps her charge for up to four hours (supposedly, I haven't needed a recharge yet).

Women do have a greater selection of toys... The only tried and true "King" of male toys I can think of is the Fleshlight! Unless you count anal toys.

Epiphora said...

Cute voice, you!

Lithaewyn said...

Thanks Epiphora!

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