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Review: Nothing but a Tease

The Lil' Teaser by CalExotics is a very slim vibrator with a flexible tip. It reminds me of a pacifier with its nook-like tip and ring at the base if infantilism is your thing, but its 5" length (3 1/4" insertable) and 7/8" diameter take away from the fantasy.

Lil' Teaser Packaging

The Lil' Teaser comes in CalExotic's trademark packaging which is quite colorful and non-discreet. You're best off discarding it and finding a new storage solution for your toy. With such a teeny size though, this vibe fits easily amongst your other goodies in a toy box or even in your bedside table.

Lil' Teaser

The best feature of the Lil' Teaser is that it's made of silicone. Yup, this little guy couldn't be made of anything better. He can be shared without a condom because he can be bleached or boiled, or stick with the traditional soap and water method if you plan on keeping him to yourself. Only use water based lubes with him though as silicone based can make him tacky.

When you're not using him as a pacifier, this vibrator is best used clitorally. It simply lacks too much diameter to be remotely interesting when inserted. Here's the kicker though: the tip of the Lil' Tickler bends like crazy. It's impossible to get any worthwhile sensation on the clit because neither the vibrations are strong enough nor can you add any pressure to enhance what vibrations there are. This little guy takes one N battery (included) which are usually pretty powerful, but it's just not enough with the Lil' Teaser's single setting.

Its labeled as waterproof, however this toy lacks an o-ring around its twist-off base so it's really not something I'd recommend. Furthermore, the seam where the silicone connects to the plastic was a concern of mine. Product pictures show it in much better condition, but my toy arrived looking raggedy and rough in that area.

As cute as it is, I can only recommend the Lil' Teaser as an erogenous vibrator, for those who can get off with very little stimulation, or even as a gag gift. Whether ironic or intentional, the name of this vibrator suits it perfectly.

Thank you CalExotics for sponsoring this review!


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