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Spice It Up Inception: How to Convince Your Partner to be more Bold in the Bedroom

via SexToy.com. Click here to view the original article.

Is you sex relationship getting a bit blah with the same old, same old? Ever wish for some spontaneity, creativity and variation to spice up your love life? If your partner is a bit reluctant to try new things, we give you our “Spice It Up Inception” to invade your lover’s dream and plant a seed in their subconscious. Of course, seeing the movie Inception may be helpful in showing you how this works. And, you are not really going to invade their dreams, just allow them to fulfill their own (and yours) by dropping subtle hints.

1. Get a catalog of sexy lingerie and leave it open to a page of something you want, circle the picture and write: “I want this!!” This is similar to want you did as a kid with the Christmas Wish Catalog.

2. Get a How-to Sex Book and get caught reading it when your lover comes home. Explain to them you wanted to learn “How to do different sex positions” or whatever it is you want them to learn with you, and then show them some of the pictures.

3. Play the movie “When Harry Met Sally” and during the orgasm scene look wishfully at your lover and say, “You know they say people who have more orgasms live longer. Just saying…”

4. Lick a lollipop in a very seductive way in front of your lover and smile at them, letting them know you want to share some oral sex. Make sure you have your flavored lube handy!

5. Leave sexy little notes all over the house for when your lover gets home, leading to the bedroom, like a sexy scavenger hunt. Make sure to have candles burning, something sexy to wear, and some erotic body lotions to play with when they get there.

6. Get a sexy game that you and your lover can play together. Try Love Affair, Climaxxx, or Sensations games for lovers. Or just a game of Truth or Dare, with the emphasis on the “Dare”!

7. Leave a blindfold and a pair of soft fuzzy bondage cuffs on their pillow, with an erotic feather for sensation play. Berman’s Mistress Kit is perfect for this as it is playful, yet not intimidating.

8. Buy some exotic bath salts and massage oils and pamper yourselves with an erotic bath together with an intimate massage to follow-up. Great for foreplay and who knows where it might lead? ,

9. Get some Fantasy Coupons, put them in their lunch box, and later act out your sexual fantasies.

10. Buy a stripper pole and put it in the middle of the living room (it can easily be removed later). Hint, Hint!


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