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Ginger Leigh's Fabulous Shopping Spree!

Here is my wishlist entry for Ginger Leigh's Fabulous Shopping Spree!

Gigi Pink - This has been my dream g-vibe since I first started looking into toys. $97.19

Maven - If I'm wishing for a special solo toy of my own, my lover definitely deserves his own too! $36.99

Cocksling Black - I really want my partner to have an even more excellent time when we have intercourse. $33.89

The Ryder - I'd love to be able to experience double penetration, but that isn't doable since both my partner and I are monogamous. But it's also his dream to fulfill mine! $30.89

Cock enhancer rings with vibe - What wishlist would be complete without at least one vibrating cock ring?! $46.49

Deluxe Swing - We'd also like to enjoy certain positions that are troublesome with our height difference. This will allow us more functionality! - $119.89

Universal Sex Swing Stand - To hold the swing of course! $196.19

Under the Bed Restraints - This sounds like the perfect restraint system! We really like light bondage, and something as handy as this is too great to pass up. $48.89

Ultra Position Master - We struggle from time to time with height and size difference, and this would make a great alternative to several pillows! $58.49

Tickle His Pickle book - I'd love to learn some great tips and tricks to drive him wild! $22.19

Tickle Your Fancy book - My man is always looking for ways to better please me too. $22.19

101 Nights of Great Sex - Simply a game to keep us inspired or to get each other interested in a new and fun way. $45.49

Colt Slick - Every bedroom collection needs some lube; some super slippery, long lasting lube! $24.89

Trojan Ultra Ribbed Condoms - Condoms are also a must between partners, even if you are already fluid bonded. Plus, who says they have to be boring? $21.99

Grand Total: $805.66


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