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TMI Tuesday

This week's is pretty uneventful for me, considering I'm monogamous.

1. Have you ever had angry sex?

Not yet. Believe me though, it will definitely happen someday. My partner and I can make each other pretty mad haha.

2. Pity sex?
No. No matter how much I sympathize with some of my single friends I know, I can never feel this bad for them.

3. "Oh well, I might as well" sex?
Yes. There are times that I'm just really not in the mood, but I always end up enjoying it. Similar to how I never want to work out, but when I'm done at the gym, I feel awesome!

4. One-of-you-knew-it-was-goodbye-and-the-other-didn't sex?
No. I can't really foresee myself doing this either.

5. Don't-remember-having-it sex?
I have an awful memory, but I don't think there have been any times that I wasn't able to remember.

6. Regret-it-afterward sex?
I don't think so. Not even the times when it was a little too rough and I was hurt.

7. Can't-remember-his/her-name sex?

8. Never-knew-his/her-name sex?
I don't think I'll ever do this.


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