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Wishful Thoughts

In lecture today it just kind of hit me. I have so many things to do considering that I have two weeks left of classes and finals are right around the bend. There are so many things to get done before I am free for my summer break... Thinking about it is exhausting. Instead of just thinking though, I need to act.

First thing first, chores. Oh yay.

But I really wish I could curl up next to my partner. I wish the day would slow down. I wish we could make love. I haven't seen him since early January, and when you're away from someone for months on end, you realize how much you value the simplest things. Even being able to hold his hand would be a blessing right now. I just need a little somethin' to help this day go by easier.

Oh well. He'll be home soon and we'll watch a movie over the phone and eat dinner as always. I just can't wait to hear his voice.


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