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New "Girlfriend"

If anything sounds strange, please forgive me. I am full of endorphins right now. *swoon*

I received the Ella and my other goods promptly on Wednesday. I put her to work immediately that evening and she did such a great job that I wanted to kiss and snuggle her as I went to sleep!

We took a shower together today, and I gave it my all to achieve a genuine g-spot orgasm. Sadly, I tend to hesitate as I reach climax, which ruins the whole thing. It's by far no fault of Ella's; I have a barrier to break in order for her to complete her mission. :( I'm going to keep practicing with her, but I may need help from my partner. Physically, I might not be able to because of my age, but I get so close that I would bet money that I could. Until then, additional stimulation on my clit manually or with a vibrator still makes her amazing.

Oh well. I wrote up a rough draft review yesterday, but I don't think I've played with her enough to write an excellent one yet.


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