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Adult Storage

I'm tired of digging out my toys from my dresser late at night. My dresser is antique, creaky, and makes shrill squeals when I open the drawers... How annoying. So I've decided that even though I don't really have a lot of items right now, I need alternate storage and soon.

While the Divine toy boxes are really pretty and cute and the For Your Nymphomation items are wonderfully functional, I don't desire to spend anywhere near that amount of money. So I poked around and discovered vintage train cases, like the Samsonite Profile locking vanity train case. I can find it on eBay for less than $20, and its size is awesome: 14 1/2" long x 7 1/2" wide x 7" deep x 9" tall. While it might not be the prettiest, it appears to be adequate in size and organization, and it locks. You can stick it under your bed or hide it in your closet. If anyone asks, "Why, it's luggage of course!"

So be expecting a review of it soon. I don't have a whole lot of toys, but also be sure that when I do, I will follow up. :)


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