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The Pervert

Purely Sullied is a blog by me, Lithaewyn, focusing on all things sexual. Here you will mostly find my reviews, or at least links to my reviews, on various sex toys. My intent here is to both learn and educate because sex is awesome and everyone should experience the joys of it.

I write reviews mostly for Eden Fantasys, Babeland, and SexToys.com, but I'm always interested in trying out something new and greatly appreciate opportunities.

Personally, I am a genderqueer* who doesn't buy into the cis binary, not to mention a lot of other social rules. I appear very vanilla in public, but I'm a very sexual person who's into a bit of BDSM and lot more than missionary. I'm a young university student and am generally preoccupied by trapping my nose in books or keeping my head in the clouds—and sometimes the gutter. I'm many things besides a student and a pervert, such as a lover and a writer.

I'm submissive, very monogamous and dedicated to my mostly dominant, male partner (referred to as R) of about four years and counting. We're currently in a long distance relationship, seeing each other about twice a year, and sex toys have helped keep us together. Hopefully this will change soon, but sex toys will still very much be a part of our lives.

I'm a pretty open and easy going person, so please don't hesitate to contact me. I can be e-mailed at lithaewyn [at] nospam.gmail [dot] com, DMed on Twitter, or you can ask me questions on Formspring.

*I don't have a pronoun preference.


Last updated: 1/19/10


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