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I want to (re)Introduce my mom.

This is probably TMI, but it is TMI Tuesday after all.

Various women on EF mention here and there how they can talk about toys or sex openly with their mothers, and I'd really like to do the same. I just don't feel that my mom is getting enough out of my dad. Yes, they're older but they're not that old, really. And it's harsh to think, but quite often when my mother is having her mood swings I think, "She needs to get laid." Awful, but I think if she did have sex more often, she wouldn't be so crabby over simplistic things.

I know that neither of my parents are against sex toys, seeing as they do have a standard vibe. I don't know how often it's used, but I think she deserves better. Nobody enjoys the image of their parent having sex or masturbating, but still, part of me reaches out to her in sympathy. I know that if I was living with the person I love, I'd want it a lot more often, or at least the ability to please myself really well.

I don't know how to bring this up to her without making our relationship a bit awkward. Maybe it won't be awkward? All I know is that I have the best intentions in mind. Maybe toys will make her happier or feel more confident, or even sexier - my dad would love that.

There are so many possibilities... Her birthday is coming up soon. Should I "accidentally" send a link to my dad? To her? Or should I bring it up one day when we're out having lunch? There are so many options, and while I don't think it would damage our relationship, nobody enjoys feeling embarrassed or awkward.


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